Sunday, September 07, 2008

Are You Smarter Than An Eighth/Tenth Grader?

There was a positive response to my running quizzes that I use in my Bible classes to test the knowledge of my faithful readers. Here is installment # 2. Good luck!

Bible 8, 10
Luke 2:1-19
Name _________________

1. Who was the Roman emperor who ordered that a census be taken? ________
a. Julius Caesar
b. Herod
c. Pilate
d. Caesar August
2. At this time, Quirinius was governor of: _______
a. Samaria
b. Syria
c. Cyprus
d. Jerusalem
3. The people had to go to their own town to register. TRUE-FALSE
4. Bethlehem is called the ‘town of ‘: ________
a. Jesus b. Daniel c. Abraham d. David
5. Where was the baby placed when he was born? _______
a. a manger b. a crib c. a baby bed d. does not say
6. The reading says Joseph and Mary were too poor to stay at the inn.

7. Did the angel appear to the shepherds in the daytime or nighttime? ___________________
8. Is the angel named in this passage? _________
9. Were the shepherds afraid of the angel? _________
10. The baby is called Christ in this passage. TRUE-FALSE
11. The angel told the shepherds where to find the baby. TRUE-FALSE
12. The shepherds went to Bethlehem and found the baby. TRUE-FALSE
13. The shepherds kept the news about the baby to themselves. TRUE-FALSE
14. Mary treasured all these things that happened and pondered them in her heart. TRUE-FALSE

1. d 2. b 3. True 4. d 5. a 6. False 7. nighttime 8. no 9. yes 10. True 11. True
12. True 13. False 14. True


Bev said...

Oops! I have taught that story enough that I think your key is wrong--Ceasar Augustus ssent out the decree not Julius Ceaser. I'll keep the fact that you made a mistake secret--don't want to burst any bubbles, just kidding! Hey, read Amy's blog to see her Grandparents tribute, it's cute. Have a good week Steve&Bev

Bev said...

Good for you for changing to the correct answer, by the way, I got 100%. BYS