Saturday, September 06, 2008

Film And Family

Yesterday, I received one of the best presents of my life. Scott found a box of three hundred slides in our folks' stuff and took them to Walgreens where they were converted to a CD. They arrived in my mailbox yesterday and as I looked through them, it was like traveling in a time machine. Most I have never seen before. I would guess the vast majority came from Grandpa Hawley as my parents were not great picture takers. A good number of you have known my family for years, if not generations. Over the coming weeks, I will print some so you can see my family in its earlier stages. (I think my favorite picture is one of me and my breathtakingly beautiful date, Deb Schark, at the York High School Athletic Banquet when I was a senior.) Many of you are wanting an update on Mom. Scott and Dave report she seems very content as she receives phenomenal care. We are blessed that Dave and Scott's families can spend time with her constantly. So, in honor of the world's best mother, here are a few shots of her on the shores of Lake Michigan by herself and with two rascals. I love you, Mom.

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Bev said...

Steve, I know nothing beats those old pictures, I go through the ones I have from my folks home and the ones of Amy & Audrey when they were little often. Do you remember when Roger came to GCS for the lectureships and your mom got here a few days before?I think you and Paul were living in the house across from Ann & Louie, anyway, she stayed with me in the dorm saying that it didn't look good for her to stay there with two single men. Such a lady, how blessed you were! Take care--XO Steve&Beverly