Sunday, July 27, 2008

Frogs, Frogs, And More Frogs (Joe Widick)

No, this is not an article about the plagues that beset Egypt in an effort to set the Israelites free. It is about God knowing all about us! Recently I came across a story of a woman named Mary who worked in a large office complex. On one of her birthdays a co-worker gave her a ceramic frog. She politely displayed it on her desk for everyone who walked by to see. As time passed other of her fellow employees began to think she must like frogs, after all, that ceramic frog was on her desk. Her co-workers began to give her frog items for special occasions. Christmas time, birthdays, anniversaries, just any special celebration she would receive something with a frog on it. There were pens with a frog on the top, sticky notes with a frog on the corner, frog posters, coffee mugs with a frog for the handle. Her cubicle area was literally filling up with frogs. Time passes and Mary leaves the company. A friend asked her what she did with all the frogs. She replied, “Well, I don’t really like frogs, so I gave them all away.” All of her co-workers meant well, but the reality of the matter was they just didn’t know Mary very well.
Many times in life, I think we believe that we know someone very well, only to find out that we didn’t. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article about being my being shy. I had several who came to me and said they didn’t know that about me. None of us will no one another as well as God does. We need to understand that we are an open book to Him—there is nothing about us that is hidden from Him. Consider for a moment some of the thoughts found in Psalm 139.
God knows everything we do—vs 2. He knows all the activities of our day and every detail of our schedule. .
God knows everything we think—vs 2. He knows the good and the bad, the wholesome and the impure.
God knows everywhere we go—vs. 3. “You comprehend my path…and are acquainted with my ways.”
God knows everything we say—vs 4. Whether we are building up or tearing down with our words.
As a matter of fact I think we can safely say that He knows us better than we know ourselves. Is it a comfort to you to be known so intimately by our Lord? He knows all about our flaws and still he loves us so completely. We all need to remember that we are not just a number computers can trace; Christ knows your need, your name and your face. The Psalmist started this beloved Psalm by saying; “O Lord, you have searched me and known me…”

Prayer Thought: Help me in evaluating my weaknesses and strengthen me to do better.

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