Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tuesday Update On Dad

Dad had a good day. Our prayers were answered when he was allowed to continue his rehab at St. Luke's! His cardiologist went to bat for him and helped overrule the option to send Dad to Surrey Place, which is terrific, but has limited rehab. It was another breakthrough day in that Dad never got emotional during all the time we were with him. I stayed with Dad as he changed floors and rooms; the waiting is monotonous but I guess necessary. He is actually back on the wing where he rehabbed after his stroke and the nurses remember him fondly! Karen, Seth, and I ate lunch with Mom. She ate ravenously and even talked quite a bit! Dave and Sally arrived safely at 7:00 PM and Dad was overjoyed when they walked in the room. Scott's power washing today was hampered by the weather in St. Louis- flooding is predicted later in the week! Please continue to keep us in your prayers and THANKS!
God bless,
Luke 18:1

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PS: Please pray for Jon Scott and his family. Jon is a sophomore in my second period Bible class and probably has left more comments on my entries than anyone else. His mother, Debbie, became suddenly ill of an infection on Friday and passed away yesterday in Houston. Debbie was one of the great volunteers at Westbury Christian and an awesome mother to Jon and his younger brother, Sam. We grieve with the Scotts.

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Family fun said...

So sorry to hear of the loss of this young man's mother! Sympathy to the entire family!

I'm glad that Roger got to remain at st lukes for therapy! i think we got more rain than you - almost 7 inches yesterday -- and that didn't calculate anything past midnight! flooding is awful and has canceled school - first time i can remember school closure for flooding! they said that they had trouble getting kids home yesterday; some of them were met by a boat as the school bus couldn't access their home!