Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wednesday Update On Dad

Wednesday was a good day for Dad. Dave and I went through part of his rehab with him and we were both impressed at how well he was able to walk with his walker! The therapist had a hard time keeping up with him. It was the first time he's walked since the surgery and even the therapist was pleased with his level of mobility. Dad was able t talk to Uncle Monroe and Aunt Julia for the first time since his valve replacement nineteen days ago. His speaking voice was very clear. I would think his next big step would be eating and drinking which he is on the path to as he regains his ability to swallow. The rest of us spent the day at the house working on the yard, going though boxes, cleaning out the garage, power washing the house, etc. Valley Park is under a flood watch tomorrow as the Meramec River is supposed to crest on Friday morning. The house is not in any danger as it is several miles away from the river but they are calling for at least a temporary shutdown of 141, causing headaches for a great number of folks. Thanks for your prayers!
God bless,
Luke 18:1

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Laurie said...

Great picture - Thanks for sharing it with us. I am so glad you are able to be with your parents this week - enjoy!!
Our prayers are with Jon & his family.