Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday Morning Update On Dad

Dad rested well during the night. He was very happy to see us when we visited after worship services. As I mentioned yesterday, he continues to show improvement with each visit. Dad was very alert and still wanted to speak. He winked when I asked if I was the favorite son! As yesterday, he seems to become emotional when we tell him how much we love and how many people are praying for him. He is still on the ventilator but hopefully will be removed when they do the procedure Monday morning to drain the excess blood. He has a good grip and squeezes our hands when we speak. As a family, we felt overwhelmed with love from the Lafayette congregation. This group of brothers and sisters led by Dad's fellow elders have been such a blessing to our folks during their twenty-three years in St. Louis. It will be hard not seeing this church anymore when we move the folks to Kansas. Thanks for all the prayers!
God bless,Steve
Luke 18:1
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