Saturday, March 01, 2008

Saturday Night Update On Dad

It was another long day but another good day! We were able to visit Dad in shifts of 2-3 for minutes at a time. He was more alert- and looking better- with each successive visit. Due to tubes, he cannot speak which is obviously very frustrating for him. He would blink to answer questions and tried to mouth words but we encouraged him just to listen. The nurse, Karri, was fabulous. Karri was there on her twelve hour shift so we worked with her on our visits. She was good about answering questions for us and she is very gentle with Dad. Early this afternoon, we met again with the cardiologist for an update. He remains pleased with Dad's progress although there is a problem. Dad has accumulated blood in his left lung cavity from all the incisions and the surgeon will do a procedure to clean it out Monday morning. He does not think it needs to be addressed before then but Dad will remain on the ventilator until the blood is cleaned out. In other positive news, Dad has tested free of C Diff so we no longer have to wear gowns and gloves when we go into his room! He remains emotional, especially when we remind him how much we love him and how much he is loved by others who are also lifting him up in prayers. Dad's visits are limited to family members right now but please don't stop praying or thanking the Lord for his progress so far. THANKS!
God bless,
Luke 18:1
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PS: We also visited Mom this afternoon and sang with her. She still has the sweetest spirit of anyone I know. The Alzheimer's has not been able to rob her of her nature. Please keep Mom in your prayers, as well!

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