Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Update On Dad

It has been a long day! I was reminded of why they call them waiting rooms! We visited with Dad in shifts. He is tired and anxious for the surgery. They did a minor procedure this morning, running a balloon splint up his leg into his heart. He was in pretty good spirits, considering the gravity of the situation. The cardiologist spent about ten minutes with us and let us ask all sorts of questions. I came out more optimistic, perhaps due to his confidence! The doctor is from Omaha....and a Cornhusker fan, a doubly good omen! The last thing we did before we left was to pray with Dad and sing two hymns. One was Our God, He Is Alive and the other, surprisingly, was Dad's least favorite gospel song, Tempted And Tried. Dad really came in on the bass parts! We will arrive back at St. Luke's at 6:00 AM, anticipating one of the longest days of our lives. We will be able to see him one last time before they take him in. It was a sobering day for me as we had to discuss not only Dad's condition but also some sections of his (and Mom's) will. The realities of life were probably more real to me today than they have ever been. Please pray for Dad to have strength and courage and the faith to remember he is in the hands of the Father. Thanks for all who called and all who left messages. We are worn out but we are going to make it. Typical Scott- he is installing a new thermostat tonight!

This morning, we also spent about a half an hour with Mom. She squeezed Cecelya's hand on command. She said Dad's name and smiled when we mentioned him. She ate well at lunch and seems as content as possible. Please keep Mom in your prayers as well. We delivered the little stuffed dog that Dad bought for her from Valentine's Day but was unable to deliver as he had to return to the hospital. Aunt Jerry and Uncle Jack: your balloon from Christmas is still floating high and the plant is still beautiful!
God bless,
Luke 18:1
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Family fun said...

The thought of your dad wanting to sing "Tempted and Tried" seems perfectly reasonable to me! I'm sure he is feeling exactly that way! When things go in a downward motion for me I tend to say outloud "Get out of my face Satan! God, Please come close and fill any voids." There's more that goes with that but I'm guessing that was close to what your dad was saying in singing that song! With all of you there I'm sure the song rang out through the unit! We've been praying for you dad, the medical staff and his entire family during this time!

Sandi said...

We are praying for Roger and your family today. Your example of faith is encouraging. Thank you for keeping your blog so well updated -- I'm able to check every day and to know what I can pray. May God give you all peace today and may He guide the doctor's hands.