Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Update On Dad

We are back at the house! We all had a long day, particularly Dad. We were allowed to spend time with him before the surgery and we arrived at 6:15 AM. We prayed and told Dad once more how much we loved him. Then, almost eleven hours in the waiting room. Several times during the valve replacement, the staff called us with updates which were always positive. The operation took longer than we were told it would but the cardiologist also had said that the 4-6 hours was the low estimate. When it was over, the doctor came and spent some time with us. Dad's surgery went as well as could be expected! He is on a ventilator and facing a very long difficult recovery. The doctor was very honest and let us know his survival odds are still 50-50 but that Dad came through tremendously in the first step of the journey. The next few days and weeks are absolutely critical and there are so many complications that could arise and jeopardize his recovery. But, let me repeat, Dad did great in making the initial step. The five of us were allowed to spend several minutes with him after the surgery and though he was unconscious, we feel he knew we were there. We are very grateful to the wonderful staff at St. Luke's for their care of Dad (and Mom in past situations.) We are very grateful for all of your prayers and the visits of Wade Gillespie and Bob Nossaman, a long-time friend from Nebraska. Most of all, we are grateful to our Father in Heaven for being merciful to our family in our time of need. We are so blessed.
God bless,
Luke 18:1
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