Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New year's Eve Update On Dad

It got cold in St. Louis on the final day of 2007.We are still working on our folks' finances and getting them settled. Dad had visits from the nurse and the therapist. I worked with Lynn, the nurse, to fill the pill trays for the next week! In the afternoon, I contracted with Lifeline, a company that allows the elderly to contact someone if there are problems when they are by themselves; it will start next week. For the first time, Dad worked on the computer! He was able to open his e-mail but it will take time until he can respond by himself. The knowledge of the keyboard is going to take time to recover. Dad stayed up until 9:00 PM, after enjoying a PBS concert by the New York Philharmonic. Dad's car is stil in the shop but good friends have loaned us their van until I leave. The Lord is good to us! Please keep Salome, the young lady who lives downstairs, in your prayers. Salome is from Kenya, a country in turmoil currently over elections and she fears for the safety of her family. Thanks for all of your prayers!
God bless,

Luke 18:1

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