Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Update On Dad

Dad was the happiest I have heard him since his stroke when we talked tonight. He was surprised and overwhelmed by an unexpected visit from his brother, Monroe, his sister-in-law, Julia, and his nephew, Wayne. (That would be my uncle, my aunt, and my first cousin!) Dad was so overjoyed that it's hard to describe! The Hawleys drove in from Milwaukee unannounced and will stay until tomorrow. In another piece of happy news, the doctors have told him he can go back to Surrey Place, that his treatment can be carried out there. I am not sure of the logistics of this but it made Dad happy! We praise the Lord for his joy and thank you for your prayers!
God bless,
Luke 18:1

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Cindy said...

Steve, I have been reading your blogs and am happy to hear that your dad is getting better. You and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers. I will be in Honduras again this Christmas to hand out Magi. It's the best part of Christmas for me.

Sandi said...

Steve, this is great news!! My mother-in-law, Carol, is one of the secretaries at Lafayette, and your dad did our premarital counseling as well as participated in our wedding. When your mother was in the beginning stages of her illness, Roger invited us to their house for the weekend for some marriage mentoring. We will never forget the love and wisdom that he and Nelda both have shared with us. They are such beautiful and special people. Please pass this message on to Roger:

David and I have prayed for you often and are always eager to hear how you are doing since your stroke. We will forever be indepted to you for the tools and wisdom that you've given us for our marriage and for the example that both you and Nelda have given us of a God-glorifying, lifelong committed marriage relationship. Thank you so much, Roger, and may God bless you with much joy and peace this week!

With love in Christ,

Sandi (and David) Haustein

ps. We're expecting our third child this next June!!

astrosfreak09 said...

I'm happy that your dad is going back to Surrey Place. It sounds like it's been a terrific day for him with the unexpected visits and the news that he can go back. I hope he continues to get better!
God Bless
Love ya
Downtown Brown