Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Update On Dad

Dad continues to show progress! He seems to do better as the day goes on. I account his improvement to many prayers. I've mentioned my aunts and uncles being in St. Louis since Thursday. Besides being an encouragement to Dad, they have spent considerable time with Mom. Aunt Jerry and Tommye took Mom to the beauty parlor, fixing her up and letting her visit Dad. Uncle Jack took Mom to the aquarium and she loved it. This morning, they took Mom to worship service and she was covered with affection. In the past two weeks, our focus has been on Dad but Mom needs love and attention as well. Jerry and Jack and Bill and Tommye return to Arkansas in the morning and I fly in to St. Louis in the afternoon. I am not sure what my role is, maybe just being there. I am almost ready to turn my classroom over to my substitute for four days! Thanks again for your prayers!
God bless,
Luke 18:1

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Sally said...

Steve, this is Salome. I miss Roger at home so much, it is a blessing knowing him and your mum, they have been my parents since I moved in with them. I love them so much and I believe that God is in control of each and every situation and through prayers everything is possible.
We are all praying for your family.