Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday Update On Dad

I just got off the phone with Dad. His speech is improving although it took me aback when I called the house and heard his voice on the answering machine. Dad is very heartened by the presence of Jerry-Jack and Bill-Tommye (Mom's siblings, and their spouses.) I read to Dad several e-mail accounts from Dave and his adventures with Sally in Zambia: Dad ate it up. Scott told me it was very touching Thursday night when they brought Mom to the hospital for the first time. She called him Roger and touched his hand. Scott said Dad lit up with Mom's arrival. Dad has good memory as far as I can tell. I mentioned getting an e-mail from Judy Miller, who along with her husband, Jule, were close college friends. Dad knew exactly who they were. I told him about a picture Judy had of Dad and Jule and Dad wanted to see it which I think is another good sign. My family continues to be amazed at the kindness of the good folks of the Lafayette church of Christ in St. Louis and their continual care and concern for Mom and Dad. We are so grateful!
God bless,
Luke 18:1

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