Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thursday Update On Dad

The news continues to be positive! This morning, Dad was moved to another floor where they will intensify his rehab. I spoke to him this morning and although speech is tough, he is upbeat. This evening, Mom's surviving brother and sister, Bill and Jerry, and their spouses, Tommye and Jack, will arrive in St. Louis from Arkansas to relieve Scott and Karis. We are so grateful! Scott has done yeoman's work in trying to assess the situation medically, financially, etc. He summarized for us today the conversation he had with the lawyer associated with our folks' financial advisers. The attorney, who specializes in advocacy for the elderly, has given what she sees as the best options for our parents' care and finances while protecting their assets. I ran her advice past our WCS upper school principle, David Lacey, who is also a corporate lawyer. Dr. Lacey was very impressed, stating the St. Louis-based attorney knew what she was doing and we were the recipients of outstanding legal guidance! Being naive in legal matters, this was a great relief to me! I can't tell you, even though I try, how much your care and concern means to all of us. Keep praying! Please also pray that Dad continues to have the strength and courage to battle through this rehabilitation, which is the fight of his life!
God bless,
Luke 18:1

PS Please also pray for Shawn Kelly. Shawn, an upcoming senior at Westbury Christian School, apparently broke his ankle in football practice this afternoon. Shawn had worked extremely hard in the weight room this summer. Please pray for his physical healing and emotional strength!

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