Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday Update On Dad

I'm back in Houston. Little did I know there was a potential Category 5 hurricane headed in our direction! There has not been much time for the news for me this week. Susan Jones took me to the airport this morning. On the way, we spent close to an hour with Dad as he went through speech therapy. As part of the rehab, the therapist was watching him eat mixed fruit. He has graduated to chunkier food which is an indication he is swallowing and chewing better. They had him eat with a spoon in his right hand and the cup in his left. He struggled a bit with the coordination of the effort but showed improvement. It was hard saying good-bye to both Dad and Mom today. When I called Dad tonight, he was a little bit down. Being confined is wearing on him. He wished he could go outside which I'm pretty sure isn't allowable yet. He's only been in St. Luke's for eighteen days. Imagine those poor souls who are unable to leave for months or years. Please pray he stays upbeat! It makes the therapy so much more bearable for him! Mom had a good day. The past two days, she has had health care workers who are new to her. It doesn't matter- Mom still loves everyone unconditionally!
God bless,
Luke 18:1

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