Thursday, December 07, 2017

The Princess Bride And MookDa's List

In classes, I told my students that it is my belief that the Lord chose Joseph as carefully as Mary when selecting earthly parents for the Savior. I mentioned this entry from August 2, 2006 as part of the discussion. Tomorrow, I will share some of our kids' responses to these thoughts.

My brother, Dave, penned two entries while I was in Honduras on a mission trip. In his second installment, Dave quotes a line from the movie, The Princess Bride. One of our elders, Mark Hall, posted a comment speculating on the number of times The Princess Bride had been viewed in comparison to more well-known blockbusters. This past Sunday morning after worship service, I mentioned the comment to Mark, adding that I had never watched the movie in question. At our evening worship service, Mark walked up and placed his family copy of The Princess Bride in my hands, informing me he had probably seen it fifty times. With a recommendation so strong, guess what I did Sunday night? It was good. I thought parts of it were very silly but that is coming from a critic who thinks Napoleon Dynamite is the finest comedy of all time. What I found memorable occurred in the first several minutes of the fairy tale, as told by a grandfather to his grandson. Buttercup, a young lady played stunningly by Robin Wright, falls in love with the farm hand, Westley. From that moment on, her love never wavers in spite of separation and the belief that Westley was dead. True love was all that mattered to Buttercup, the essence of an unwavering romantic believer. And in the end, well- I don't want to spoil it for the two or three of you who haven't seen this 1987 semi-classic.

Every year for Christmas, my folks purchase a subscription for their children to a periodical called The Christian Chronicle. In the August edition, there was a human interest story, just a few paragraphs, but I was captivated by its charm. It seems a missionary from Trinidad, Parker Henderson, was spending time with Christian friends in Malaysia. Parker just happens to have a thirteen year old grandson. His friends just happen to be parents to an eleven year old girl named MookDa. Parker, perhaps encouraging some future romantic interest, displayed photographs of that grandson to MookDa, who appeared unimpressed. But looks can be deceiving, especially when it comes to eleven year old girls. Reasoning with a maturity belying her age, MookDa proceeded to put her beliefs on paper, a thesis on marriage, if you will. Typing out her standards for Parker, MookDa assembled a list of a dozen qualities of, quote, "the kind of man that I require." Among others, her qualifications included:

1. he must be a Christian
2. he must be intelligent
3. he must NOT be lazy
4. he must enjoy singing
5. he must read the Bible everyday

To say I was impressed would be an understatement. I work with young people about that age and that type of logic is not universal. What registered most with me was what she did not say. When I hear girls speak of boys they like, one of these descriptions creeps into the conversation: cute, hot, fine, so fine. MookDa, even at eleven, already is looking past the obvious to the eternal. I don't know MookDa, her parents, Parker Henderson, or his grandson. (Parker's brother, Obert, was one of my college Economics professors.) But if in ten or so years, the young man and young lady fall in love, I will believe it was ordained by the Lord. MookDa will never have to resort to she knows what she wants. Undoubtedly, her parents have demonstrated an ideal model of a Christian marriage. I kind of scoff when I hear that match made in heaven stuff. I promise, I won't be scoffing should this romance come to pass.

Applicable quote of the day:
"Men and women are equal in love. They are equally vulnerable and equally powerful."
Elizabeth Rapaport

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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Jon said...

Doesnt get much funnier than Napoleon Dynamite

Mid Stutsman said...

Hi Steve... I found your blog through a writer friend and was so impressed by this post!! Our children (all grown)LOVE Napoleon Dynamite...and our youngest son went to China to live for 8 months. He learned to speak and write Chinese...went through an outreach program. Now he's living in Spain on his own (but in association with a church and friends there)
anyway, just wanted to say you sound like a great teacher...stay strong in the Lord!
Blessings, Mid

Marisa said...

This post made me think about my list of requirements for a guy. I remember in 6th grade, the girls were asked to write down their thoughts on "the perfect man" and I know some of the "cute or hot" came up but i took out my list when reading this (yes i still have my paper) and I put some of the requirements MookDa did and I totally agree with her.
Last sunday night I was in bible study and one of the ladies that help out with the youth said these things to us," you don't need to look for boys who make you only think of looks in qualities but one that makes you want to be a better christian and work on a relationship with Christ walking along side with you." she also said,"You have to deeply fall in love with Christ before you fall in love with any man. Whenever you fall in love with him completely then he will show you the man you need to be with and whenever you are walking down the aisle in your beautiful dress, God will be walking with you and whenever you are saying your vows he will be standing there in the middle and after you are pronounced the man's wife you both will be walking into the future with God ALWAYS with you." I have put this to heart and I hope every girl who can read this put it to their hearts too.

Miss you Coach!
Marisa c/o '14