Sunday, January 28, 2018

She Musts: Eighth Grade Gentleman 2018 Version

Every year, I have my students read the entry  called The Princess Bride And MookDa's List ( It will explain what I'm about to type here.  After talking about the previously mentioned article, everyone in my 8th grade Bible classes listed seven absolutes about the person they will marry (IN THE VERY DISTANT FUTURE!) in both the positives (He Must/She Must) and the negative (He Must Not/She Must Not). Here is the second installment, from my junior high young men, who did a terrific job! They are all are used by permission:

-She must be calm. Jack
-She must have the approval of my parents. Jaylin
-She must have finished college. Chayne
-She must love again if I die, so she can be happy. David
-She must worship God. Isaiah
-She must be patient when I am impatient. Devin

-She must love me more than I love her. Aaron
-She must be good inside and out. Johnathan
-She must be clever. Jack
-She must want kids. Chayne

-She must cut off guys who flirt with her. Jaylin
-She must be able to hold her own. David
-She must trust me. Isaiah
-She must be grateful. Devin
-She must support me in everything I do. Aaron
-She must be cute. Johnathan
-She must be mature. Jack

-She must love my family. Isaiah
-She must be proud of who she is. David
-She must have a job. Chayne
-She must be intelligent. Jaylin
-She must know how to laugh. Johnathan

-She must go to church. Aaron
-She must be loyal to God and her family. Devin

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Luke 18:1
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