Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hide And Seek (Trina Agee Cornell)

Thanks to Trina for making my transition back easy for me! Here is another wonderful entry from my good friend!
We are good at hiding things, aren't we?  I just watched a commercial the other day for a new line of makeup - this company put their foundation up against two of their competitors.  They demonstrated how much better their product was by showing how well it covered different kinds of spots.  Of course, they included a number of real customers, showing before and after pictures with their stark differences.  When it comes to foundation, that's what all women want, right?  Something that will cover everything up - leaving no trace of anything.
Makeup isn't the only thing we use to "cover up".  We are good at putting on a front - putting a smile on our faces and assuring others that we are alright.  That one smile can hide deep seeded pain, frustration, and hurt.  We want people to think we are fine - when in reality, we are not.  
Over a year ago, I was not fine.  I was frustrated.  Everything I had done in the past was not working anymore.  Working out when I felt like it was not enough.  My daily Diet Coke fix was a must-have, without question - my liquid form of caffeine was a necessity to get me through my day.  My allergies were at their worst - sinus infections came with season changes and required weekly allergy shots for maintenance.  I still put a smile on my face and did the best I could, but inside, I was drowning.  
That’s the thing, though – everyone else thought I was fine, but I didn’t fool everyone.  God knew what was going on – where I was, and what I needed.  We are not supposed to worry about our lives – what we will eat or what we will wear – because “your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask him!” (Matthew 6:8).  He knows us inside and out – absolutely nothing is hidden from him.  Don’t try to fool Him – there’s no way that you can!

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