Thursday, July 28, 2016

Change That “I Can’t” Into “I Can” (Trina Cornell)

Once again, we are blessed by these words from the amazing Trina Cornell! Prayer for me in Vietnam, please!

I have heard this phrase over and over in my nine years of teaching - "I can't do this!  It's too hard!"  As a teacher of middle school, this is all too common - middle school is a tumultuous and exciting time for any teenager.  They are not in elementary school, and they are not in high school - the are "in the middle".  This "in the middle" time is crucial in the life of a child; they want so badly to fit in while they discover their own uniqueness - their talents, likes, dislikes, and non-negotiables.
Unfortunately, the statement above is a belief held by many middle schoolers at some point in their lives. They lack the belief that they can achieve - they can face that challenge - but it will take hard work, effort, and a positive mindset.  I strive to instill a "can do" attitude in all of my students - I believe in them from day one and encourage them to try.  Many kiddos shy away from struggle because they are afraid - they do not want to fail.  I encourage mistakes in my classroom - it is the best way we can learn!
I grew up as the typical Type-A personality - I liked to get things right the first time.  I always prided myself on being organized and 'with it" when it came to tasks set before me.  With newness and change came a bit of opposition - if I was not able to do well, I did not want to do or anymore.  Perfectionism at its finest!  This tendency came to light in my teen years as I began to struggle with my weight - I did my best to eat right, work out, and lay off the sodas, but I could not seem to make any headway.  My weight has been a constant battle - one that started then and continued until just recently.  There were times when I wanted to give up - just stop trying to do anything about it.  Then, somewhere, I would find motivation, and work at it again. The yo-yo effect this created put me on s roller coaster with my weight - highs, lows, dips, and turns.
The Lord knows that the lives we live on earth are tough - He warned us that they would be.  In the book of James, He says we should "count it all joy" when we face trials and challenges, because when we are tested in this way, we develop perseverance and patience.  There are very few things we have control over in this life - that is why we must face trials with confidence and faith, knowing the Lord is on our side - and that He will lead us through them. 

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Luke 18:1
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