Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Calling

Happy Almost Father's Day! The following, from August 17, 2007, is about something my father did fifty-nine years ago which changed a number of lives. The picture is of Dad with his parents, Harold and Minnie Hawley, in Michigan.

Part of dealing with Dad's stroke has been informing his (and Mom's) friends who haven't heard. Yesterday, Susan Jones and I went through their address box and pulled out people who don't live in St. Louis. Susan called most of them but I saved one for myself. In my folks' earlier lives, they lived in Brooklyn, New York where Dad was a minister. There, he studied the Bible with a young, transplanted Nebraskan named Stan. On July 28, 1957, Dad baptized Stan into Jesus Christ. There is only one way I know that piece of information. Every July 28 since his immersion, Stan has called my dad to commemorate the event. Three days before Dad's stroke, Stan phoned my father on the fiftieth anniversary of his baptism and they caught up with all the news in each others' lives. Stan was understandably shocked when I told him about the stroke. I spent three-quarters of an hour talking with Stan and his lovely wife, Bonnie. I found out that they became a Marriage Encounter Team Couple because of Mom and Dad. I learned they spent time together the year Dad taught at Pepperdine University, close to Stan and Bonnie's California home. It reinforced that my parents have made a difference in the world. I need that these days when I see them both struggling with monumental health issues. Dad has eleven-and-a-half months to get better. Stan will expect him to answer the phone next July 28.

Applicable quote of the day:
"A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails."
Donna Roberts

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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漓雅 said...

Hi Steve,

The story of your parents'marriage is impressive to me.

Wish your Dad getting better every day!

God blessing,


Clint said...

Great story, Steve, about your dad and his long-time friend. On your dad's condition, I am reminded (as I remind myself so often) of the eternal truth of Romans 8:28.


Isha Shiri said...

Beautiful memories and a great quote at the end, I put musics on my blog only thinking of friends who visit there.

Thanks for following my blog "A day and two days"

I wish you peace

Deborah said...

Happy New Year! That was a nice post about your parent's marriage. My Mom had a stroke in April and her memory is failing because of the stroke and my step dad had a stoke in May and left him about 90% blind. I am praying that your Dad will get better and doesn't it make you feel so good to know that your parents made a difference in this world! It would me!!

Jacob said...

Hope you have a good weekend Coach. I am enjoying your blog. This was a good one Coach.