Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Good Father.....Thanksgiving Edition

In all of my five Bible classes, we discuss my belief that God chose Joseph as carefully as Mary to be the earthly father of Jesus. Some kids think that Jesus would have been  Jesus no matter what but the angel told her that she was highly favored and not some random Jewish teenage girl. This week, as we learn The Lord's Prayer, we note it starts with Our Father. On Friday, my high school students wrote an in-class paper describing what they believe makes a good father. Here are some of their thoughts, boys in blue and girls in pink. We will do this for several consecutive days. All are used with permission.

A good father is honest, caring, and helps push you to achieve your dreams.  A good father teaches you right from wrong. He learns to accept your mistakes, no matter how bad. A good father sets a good example, an example of how a guy should act. He should spend quality time with you and share the same pain, joy, and happiness. A good father does not hold grudges; he must forgive and help others. Most importantly, a good father loves you forever and is never ashamed of calling you his little princess. -Jean

A great father is someone who can relate to his children, love his wife, and take care of the family. He needs to always be there for his family and be accountable at all times. Although he always loves, he needs to be firm and fair in disciplining his children because he has to raise them to be great young men and women. A great father has unfailing love, like mine.- Nic

A good father is a man of God. He always encourages his family to go to worship. He cares for his kids and is there for his kids. A good father loves, comforts, and helps his wife. He is not a dysfunctional man and loves his wife no matter what. A good father loves to have fun with his children and not push them away. He doesn't just walk away. A good father puts God first in his life. He always protects his family, no matter the situation. A good father is a role model to his son and teaches him how to be a good man, play sports, and how to treat a woman. He treats his wife like a queen and doesn't let her do everything for the kids. A good father is at sports, plays, and academic events for his children. A good father does not blow off his family for a party. He loves his family and God unconditionally. -Eme

A man who sacrifices for his family and genuinely cares for them is a great father. He will know when to be fun and loving as well as disciplined and strict. He will tell and show his family how much he loves them. A great father will work for and provide for his family and spend time with them. He will teach his kids right from wrong, left from right, and that 1 + 1 = 2. He will never hurt or abandon his family. He will teach his son how to be a man and how to talk to and respect girls. He will help teach his daughter how to be woman and how to pick the right guy. He will teach his kids values they will use for the rest of their lives. He will be an example of a great man and always put his family before himself. -Micah R.

A great father is someone who puts his family before his own needs. He is a man who does what he needs to so he can provide. A great father will make himself uncomfortable so his family can rest. A great father will be an example of sacrifice for his children and he will be God-fearing. He will always protect them and show them love. -Bria

A good father is one who does not let his troubles come between he and his family. A good father would die for his wife and children. A good father would love his family with all of his heart. He will follow in the path of the Lord, to forgive but also condemn things that are wrong. A good father would say no and not just yes all the time. A good father will spend time with his kids and not go to bars and get into trouble. He judges in the right way as God would. A good father will not unleash anger on his kids because their love for him will dwindle. -Kaleb B.


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Luke 18:1
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