Friday, November 27, 2015

The Plot

I was with family and extended family the past five days. The talk at some time invariably turns to those of us who have gone on.  Some day, we will all fit into that category unless the Lord returns first. I now have a spot close to this obelisk honoring my mom's side of our family. The following is from July of 2006.

I'm back in Houston. Fourteen days and 2,200 miles after embarking, I pulled the Toyota back into its accustomed parking spot at the Braesridge Apartments last night. My trek took me through Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and back to the Lone Star State of Texas. My arrival was a day early than on the itinerary. Originally, I was slated to spend the night Monday in a motel somewhere but never tiring, I drove straight through from Wichita. It was a great experience for me. I was blessed to spend time with my folks and my brothers, sandwiched around a sojourn to my hometown of York, Nebraska. Skipping that extra night at some Super 8 Motel in Dallas even helped allow me to finish my trip under my projected budget! This Sunday, I leave for eight days in Honduras so no rest for the weary.

My brother, Scott, and I talked the other day about where we are going to be buried when we depart the land of the living. After residing in Wichita for fifteen years, he thinks his remains will remain in Kansas. I have moved around so my cemetery of record is up in the air. I wouldn't want to be interred in Houston- no family connection. We have no relatives in Nebraska so that is out. At one time, the plan was to lay my bones down on a baseball field in rural Georgia. We all have loose ends in our lives; this is mine. Tonight, there was a PBS documentary playing about gangs in El Salvador. A gang member was interviewed and he spoke about the conflict in his life between right and wrong. When he died, or more likely was killed, he anticipated spending eternity in hell. It was a chilling prediction. The young man, speaking through an interpreter, never mentioned a burial plot. He seemed more concerned with condemning himself to everlasting punishment. At least, he thought about the afterlife. Most of us are more preoccupied with our funerals than where our souls will reside. According to, the typical funeral plot sells for $4,000 but still in excess of 80% of Americans prefer burial to cremation. Maybe my casket will end up in the soil of a rural Arkansas hillside, alongside numerous relatives but one thing is for sure; that won't be my final resting place. I'm leaning towards heaven!

Applicable quote of the day:
"I tell ya I get no respect. I bought a cemetery plot. The guy said, 'There goes the neighborhood!' "
Rodney Dangerfield

God bless,
Luke 18:1

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Jon said...

I have lived in 3 of those states that u mentioned.. pretty awesome