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Return Of The Prodigal Son

Several weeks, ago, we studied the Parable of the Prodigal Son in detail in my Gospels classes. When I teach, I ask how many of the kids have major conflicts like this in their families- many do. As a discussion question on that test, I told the students to write a sequel to Jesus' most famous parable based on their lives ten years down the road. I put on no real parameters as you will see. Here is a sampling. Do you know how the Prodigal Son is tied into the Denver Broncos? Read on!

Kaitlyn – The older son never fully accepted the younger son back into the family. The father kept trying to make the older son believe that his brother was saved, and can still be trusted. The older son eventually got so hateful and mean spirited, that he hit rock bottom, too. When the older brother prayed at night, he never prayed for his brother, but that his father would open his eyes and see that his brother was still bad and couldn’t be trusted. The older son, then realized that way he was acting was wrong. He accepted his brother back, and finally, the older son was filled with love. The father realized this, and threw a banquet in honor of his older son’s new love. When the father died, the brothers split the inheritance evenly. They both used their money for good and were wise with it.

Tre'– Ten years after the events of the Prodigal Son, the family is much happier. When the older son couldn't accept his brother's nature, the father disowned him and gave his share of the inheritance to the younger brother. After this, the house was more peaceful.
Now, while the younger son was away in a far country living a wild life, he acquired a few girl friends whom he impregnated. Shortly after the older son was evicted, one of the younger son’s baby mommas showed up at the door. The father and the younger son welcomed her and her child into the house. A few weeks later, two more baby mommas arrived and received the same greeting and hospitality. Now the house has a father and a son, who has three wives and twelve children, ten boys and two girls.

Caitlin – In ten years, I see both of the brothers getting along. The Father will love them equally. Of course, they are still going to have arguments but who wouldn’t? The older boy now understands what it is like to live a wild life, and what his brother has lost. Both sons are going to get married to beautiful ladies. The Father has approved of his daughters-in-law. The brothers are closer than ever and even their wives are best friends. All of them are very close and celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving and birthday together. They bring the good news that God has given them. They live their lives through God, but most importantly, they want to share the word of God with everyone. The younger brother teaches other families that have children that want to leave their family. The younger brother helps them to not make the same mistakes that he did. He helped them see how life really was out there was and how it was better under his Father’s rule.

Chloe B. – In ten years, the father is dead. The younger son was not put back in the will, but instead was given ownership of the family business (making and selling wine) and given his father’s house and servants, which was taken from the older brother when he rebelled and tried to steal money from the father. The younger son turned it into a lucrative business, got married, and had three kids. As for the older brother, he has everything else, and gave his fortune to the poor. He learned to love others and has a football team (the Broncos) who went on to win two back-to-back Super bowls. He converted most people on the team to Christianity, and his biggest endorser is his younger brother, whose wife is the younger sister of the second string quarterback. Both brothers use the family suite in the stadium and go to every game. The other brother is married to the daughter of the head coach of his football team and has 3 kids. The brothers are best friends and have dinner once a week, go to their children’s little league sports games, and, of course, they go to draft day, the Super Bowls, and the NCAA basketball finals together each year!
Applicable quote of the day:
I hate the idea of sequels. I think you should be able to do it in one book.

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Luke 18:1
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