Sunday, October 12, 2014

Will The Real Lyle Lovett Please Stand Up?

As is our tradition, we had a greeting time tonight in our worship service right after three songs and an opening prayer. There was a youngish couple with two cute as can be small children sitting several rows ahead of me. As they were obviously guests, I walked up to introduce myself. Our minister, David Yasko, reached them before I did and so as I extended my hand, David introduced me as Lyle Lovett. I'm not sure they knew who he was talking about but David continued, "It's not really Lyle Lovett- he only looks like him!" I laughed and told them my real name and resumed my greeting rounds. David might not even remember but he gave me the impetus for my topic tonight. I prayed this morning as I often do for something to write about come evening so maybe the Lord nudged him that way. You never know!

Here's the thing about Lyle Lovett. First, I don't think there is any resemblance! And secondly, I've used him in class on occasion as an illustration of less than handsome men who marry drop dead good looking women. You might recall Lyle was at one time married to Julia Roberts who was cast as the lead role in Pretty Woman.  (The others I mention are rock legend Billy Joel and ex-wife, model Christie Brinkley and Ric Ocasek, lead singer of The Cars whose wife is former Czech supermodel Paulina Porizkova.) So, to sum up: Lyle won't win any good looking guy contests BUT I'm guessing there are plenty of stunning women who would be willing to be his significant other. I guess the second part is the message David was conveying to 0ur new friends tonight!

I also recalled a situation with a mistaken identity from the Scriptures. In John 9, Jesus heals a blind man by putting mud on his eyes and having him wash off the poultice in the Pool of Siloam. When others saw this blind man with his vision intact, there was debate as to who he was. Some believed he was the former beggar but some stated, just like David tonight, "He only looks like him!" You may know the rest of the story, how the man and his parents were called before the Pharisees to explain the circumstances and  prodded to implicate Jesus. Do you know what I find interesting? He was mistaken...... for himself! But there was no change in the man until he came into contact with Jesus. I know one other thing. His statement to the religious leaders leaders became the cornerstone line of John Newton's Amazing Grace: "Was blind but now I see!" So, this unknown man from 2000 years ago whose name we don't know and face we would not recognize is still quoted every day around the world as believers hymn their praises to God. Hey, maybe that will happen to me. If so, I'll have David to thank. Be seeing you!

Applicable quote of the day, # 1:
Somehow you can tell the difference when a song is written just to get on the radio and when what someone does is their whole life. That comes through in Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Willie Nelson. There is no separating their life from their music.

Applicable quote of the day, # 2:
I'm really in no danger of being perceived as a famous movie actor!

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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