Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Hands Life Deals Us (Dave Hawley)

My entry tonight is by my older brother, Dave, who is perhaps the winningest US high school tennis coach ....and a very good brother! Keep me in prayer as I leave Vietnam tomorrow! THANKS!

The picture above is maybe my favorite picture of my three kids of all we ever took, for a variety of reasons but maybe the biggest is I got the sense that not only had they grown up, but that they were doing OK and especially that they liked each other... VICTORY!!!!

But the picture, taken during Ben's senior football season, captured life as it was, without the future intruding . Zach's wife Haley is not pictured here, but they were in their first year of blissful matrimony . Meagan was in her senior year at OC, and Ben was probably already looking to the future. None of them could have known what lay ahead... Zach and Haley would suffer a painful loss of a precious daughter Harper at 10 months, and subsequently adopt two angel boys who have come to fit our family fabric so well. Meag could not have known the extent to which Zambia would capture her heart, with her move there, with its enormous joys and painful heartaches. And Ben did not know that Courtney was in his future, a future that so far has included two precious little children and a wonderful partner, just as Haley is to Zach.

I guess my point is this... We have no way of accurately knowing the twists and turns that life's roads take , or the hands we are dealt. What we can know is that a life spent following Jesus gives us strength to combat all that comes our way, and that all of earth's trials and triumphs are under the watchful eye of a God who loves us and cares for us.

God bless you all !

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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