Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Bedtime Blessings Part VI

This is the last night of this series. I hope you have enjoyed the pictures of my early childhood with family. I've tried to portray the blessings our folks gave us on a daily basis. We were truly blessed.
In the shot above, Grandma Hawley, Mom, and Dad look on as Dave and I rock our Detroit Tiger gear!
We began working on one of my favorite memory verses in all five classes two weeks ago. All of my 100+ students wrote The Blessing Of Aaron for a grade as a memory verse and repeated it on their test. Found in Numbers 6:24-26, God commanded the first high priest of Israel to use these words to bless his chosen people:
"The Lord bless you and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace."

We spoke of the human need for approval and how parents can have such an effect on the self-worth of their children. We talked of bedtime rituals and how moms and dads can make their kids feel important and ease their fears. I told them about how our folks tucked us in when we were small, prayed with us, and kissed us good-night. With that discussion as background, I gave each student a sheet of paper and had them pen a bedtime blessing to the child they will bring into the world in future years. The next several nights, I'll let some of them speak for me. Boys are in blue, girls in pink, and all are used with permission.

Baby boy, I don’t know what you went through today but tomorrow is a new day! And as long as you've got God, everything will be okay! He loves you and your father and I love you very much also. I hope you know you can come to us about anything! I want you to remember to always treat others with respect, try your best at everything you do, and do it in the name of Christ. Also remember you will get farther in life if you approach people with curiosity rather than judgement. Have fun in life, but before you do, ask yourself, will this please God? And don’t forget you can go to God about anything and He will always forgive you, no matter what. I love you, baby boy.
                -Brittany Boudreaux
My dear child, I love you. I will always be with you. I will teach you the ways of God, and I will teach you about football and basketball. If you need help with anything, come to me because I love you. Even when you’re mad at me sometimes for not letting you what you want to do, just know I’m doing it for the benefit of the doubt as my parents always say to me. Goodnight!
-Armani Crosby
My sweet baby! Do not worry, just sleep tight. There are no monsters under your bed tonight. I want you to succeed and always believe the Lord has your back for anything you need. I want you to live a better life than I did. I want you to strive more for what you want. You play with Barbie and Ken right now, but when you grow up, please be my little Barbie when you have found Ken. Stay true to yourself and to the Lord. Many good things will be in store for you when you board your train of life.
-Sydney Daniel
Have a good night sleep, my beautiful little girl. I hope you had a good day today. Do you want to know what my favorite part of the day was? Seeing your beautiful smile. It always warms my heart. I thank God everyday that he provided me with such a wonderful and smart girl. Your beautiful mother and I are very proud of you. Have a good night’s rest. Love you always.
-Langston Williams
My child, you are blessed. You have parents who love you and a roof over your head. You have a Father who gives you life. Just as you are my child, you are His. He will be there for you when you are lost or lonely. Trust in God and never forget that you are loved. With all my heart, Mom.
-Elizabeth Pickett
Dear son, sleep well, don’t ever worry because God is with you whenever you are scared or doubtful. God is there and so am I. Spread the Gospel so others can have it too and live a Godly life just as Jesus did. May the Lord wake you in the morning.
-Luke Glover
Oh, my sweet, loving daughter. The Lord has given me the most glorious gift from heaven above. He has given you the wisdom so you can surpass in life and what comes with it. You are beautiful, no matter what strangers will tell you and you are beautiful in the Lord’s eyes. Strength will spread is many areas whether in wisdom or beauty; you will range in all areas and you are an angel in the Lord’s eyes. When you are down, come to the Lord to help you because He will take care of it. You can even come to me because even when I am not around, I am still with you. Don’t let anyone get under your skin for you will be pelted by others. May the Lord be with you everywhere and remember I am always with you.
-Ngozi Odunze

God bless,
Luke 18:1

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