Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Translation Of Grace

It would be my estimate that I use a video clip during 90% of my class days teaching Bible. Having a projector tied into my computer makes it relatively simple and has changed my approach to instructional time. I try to alternate making a point with something I might have seen in the news or a short lesson coinciding with our notes for the day. This morning, our assembled 5th-12th grades watched an tremendous video in an assembly in which the speaker tied the vastness of the universe into the amazing grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. When we returned to classes, I searched the topic index on www.wingclips.com for a visual reinforcement. (Wingclips is a faith based website with hundreds of movie clips cataloged to various subjects a teacher might cover in a spiritual setting. I highly recommend it.) I was blessed to find the above snippet from the movie Amistad, a film which I have never seen. In this clip, two condemned slaves find a English Bible..... but they cannot read English, a foreign language to them. Instead, by simply following the picture illustrations in the Gospels, they quickly learn who Jesus was and draw some incredibly accurate conclusions from their study simply of the drawings of the Christ. The kids were moved and so was I. We were reminded again of the power of the Word even when words are not comprehended. We were reminded of the way outsiders to the faith can be attracted or repulsed by the way we portray Jesus through our lives. By taking two minutes, you will understand what we understood....even though not one word of English is uttered. You can listen with your heart.

Applicable quote of the day:
Luke 18:1
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