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In The Eye Of The Beholder, Chapter II

Last week, my students watched the short film above produced by the DOVE soap people, showing that what you see is often an illusion. When we finished, I had my students answer the following:

After watching the Dove commercial, how do you think society defines beauty or attractiveness? Do you think the definition changes over time? How do you think God would define beauty/attractiveness? Cite examples.

 Several of their responses are below and are used by permission. Like it or not, beauty and its allure are potent in our culture! Tonight, three of our authors- Jim, Nichole, Leci- are from China so they bring a fresh perspective to our class!

I think society defines the beauty which is external. In society, most people focus on women who are beautiful and intelligent. People still don’t change the definition over time. I think God would define beauty as not just their external beauty. For example, if a woman is not beautiful, but likes to help the poor, she is still beautiful. Internal beauty is different from external beauty. We can use eyes to see a woman’s external beauty but we use our hearts to feel a woman’s internal beauty.

Society defines beauty as “in the eye of the beholder,” but every eye is different. No two eyes are the same and no two minds are the same. The definition of beauty is a combination of qualities such as shape, color, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially sight. That definition is interpreted in many different ways. I believe that everything and everybody is beautiful because God made them. Nobody’s image of beauty matters more than God’s. He is the ultimate creator so whenever someone says somebody or something is ugly, they are criticizing God. It means that you cannot accept what is in the world.

Beauty is how a person looks but in different areas, people have different aesthetics. So I think everybody’s beauty is the best- it is perfect. I think if a person has attractiveness because of beauty, that attractiveness can’t last long. The real attractiveness is your own style and characteristics. This definition would never change over time. In my opinion, God never pays attention to the beauty. God said He made everything perfect. We all look alike the Lord, so nobody is ugly. All of us have a nose and eyes and we all look the same. For example, CH (Coach Hawley) said in the U.S. the white girls want to have darker skin, but in China, girls want to have light skin so much they carry an umbrella with them every time they go out. For God, God created the whole world so we have all kinds of styles. As for attractiveness, humans have big distinctions. God forgives humans again and again. He never requires anyone to do anything in order to give them something. He has all things and He just gives. He even sent His son to save the world. Believe that you are beautiful.

Beauty and attractiveness are superficial. But, the determination of beauty is always changing. For instance, in the Tang Dynasty in China, about 1300 years ago, people thought women should look a little bit heavy. And now, the common sense of women is that they are supposed to be skinny. It is influenced by culture and gender. But, no matter what you look like, the most important thing is your mind. God would think that a human being is beautiful or attractive depending on his or her mind. If there is evil in your heart, no matter what you look like, you will never be beautiful or attractive.

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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