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The Christian Manner, Chapter II

In my classroom, all the gentlemen stand up when a lady/girl enters. In the past several days, I have had all my students pen short essays on why they think I do that and their own reaction to our custom. Additionally, I asked them if they think there is a correlation between politeness and being a Christian. Here are some answers, all used by permission. Some  are from eighth graders and some sophomores/juniors. Boys are in blue and girls are in pink. This is the second installment.

I do think you can be rude and impolite, but still be a Christian. Christians are often stereotyped to be super nice, polite, and the perfect clone of Jesus. Everyone honestly is either rude and impolite at times. People have their moments. I know the most Christian person ever and she gets angry sometimes and also is a little rude. But everyone has their own moments. Coach Hawley sometimes gets mad or angry, but is a Christian. He is super nice, but events or situations can lead to anger and impoliteness.
                                    -Ruby Ramirez

If you are a true Christian, being polite is part of what you should required to do. The Bible says to treat others as you would treat yourself, so being polite to others is following what the Bible says to do. Also, if you are a polite Christian, it shows how we as a people act and also show God through our actions in public.
                                    -Ben Phillips

I think there is a correlation between being a Christian and being polite because the Bible teaches us to love others like we would want love ourselves. Yes, there are some impolite Christians out there but one of the main factors of Christianity is kindness or politeness. Christians treat kindness as a main principle to follow in their lives. For instance, at church, people are kind because it is supposed to be a standard. I think Christianity and kindness go together.
                                    -Cydney Stevenson

One of the most important kinds of qualifications in judging character is being polite or any synonym of it. Although it is expected, I don’t think in order to be a Christian, you have to be polite. I think other people expect the kind of personality that would make them happy. Being a Christian, you should want to act like Jesus Christ who had the best manners. But, there is a difference from what is expected from a Christian and what it actually takes to be one. Therefore, I do not think a Christian has to be polite.
                                    -Jake Bedevian

I think when you become a Christian, the way you act will be effected. When you are a Christian, you should be so filled with God's love and have so much joy in your heart that being polite will be second nature. As a Christian, your attitude should be to strive to become like Jesus. You should be respectful and polite to others because it is your faith to show God's love through your actions. Because of the love in your heart as a Christian, being polite should just come naturally. 
                                    -Simone Edwards

I think if you're polite, you're just polite. Even non-Christians can be very polite. Christians can be mean and stern. My mom tells me love your neighbor as yourself. If you have a problem with another person, confront them respectfully and then be nice.
                                     -Aijalon Knowles

Politeness is a good work- it is a natural consequence of faith- but it does not impact salvation. Christians should strive to be polite because doing so reflects God's character. However, just because someone is impolite does not mean they are not a true Christian.
                                       -Rebecca Godard

Applicable quote of the day:
      Politeness is to human nature what warmth is to wax.

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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