Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Good Samaritan Act III

This is the third installment of rewritten looks at the Parable of the Good Samaritan.  My students weave some surprising twists into their versions of Jesus' famous story of mercy. The young men authors are eighth graders and the young lady is a sophomore. Hope you enjoy them! All are used by permission.

One day, a cute tall guy was walking in the street with his friends on the way to the movie theater. Not noticing a crack in the sidewalk, the guy twists his ankle and falls. The rest of his friends, thinking it was a joke, kept walking and went inside to watch the movie. Next, a group of girls walked by, screamed because he was so cute, and took pictures of him because he was so cute. Eventually they walked away, too. Lastly, a goofy tall girl with braces and glasses saw him and got him up. She had a pre-wrap stored in her purse and she wrapped his ankle. The guy used the girl's hand to balance on and limped all the way to the movie theater  Finally, they went on a date because the guy thought the girl was cute and the “perfect height” for him. They both fell in love just from her stopping to care about how hurt he looked on the sidewalk.

A young boy was outside playing football with his two friends when a truck full of alcoholic teenagers drove by, beat them up, and put them in a ditch, leaving them to die. A businessman walked by and said to himself, “Rotten kids,” and left. Then, a McDonald’s employee on his way home from work passed by and was too tired to even try to help the boys. Finally, a poor woman who lived just outside of town came up to the kids and quickly bandaged them. She walked across the street to call an ambulance. The kids were healed and before they could repay her, she left without a word.

On a very early Sunday, a kind of Gothic guy is walking home and isn't in the great part of town. As he is walking down an alley, this guy gets shot in the shoulder. About an hour later, a homeless man walks by and acts like he’s going to help him but after getting him up, steals his backpack. An older man walks by and says, “You kids with your childish games- I hope you actually get shot!” About two hours later, a boy around the age of ten looks at him for a second but walks away. With no hope, the Gothic kid just gives up and goes to sleep. When he wakes up, he is in a hospital! He looks around the room to see the boy that he saw before he fell asleep. The ten year old boy had called the police and got his parents there.

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