Tuesday, December 11, 2012

While Our Arms Are Full (Meagan Hawley)


Last night, my entry was about my nieces, Karis and Meagan. Tonight, it focuses once again on Meagan, whose life is much different than it was when I originally penned the devotional thoughts in 2012. Now, Meagan lives and works in a Christian orphanage in Zambia where she takes care of orphaned and abandoned babies, many of whom are HIV+ or who have AIDS. Here is her Christmas video message for her family and friends and supporters in the US. We are all so proud of Meagan and those who do the work she does. Please pray for her and all the babies.

Applicable quote of the day:
"It is not the physical pain that endangers orphans the most. It is the mental pain caused by stress from years and years of being neglected, pushed aside, disregarded, unloved, and made to feel undeserving, and in almost all cases, made to feel like a possession rather than an equal human being. Even more it is the lack of unconditional love, the right to be accepted, as a child and to be loved, as a child, no matter what you do is the most wounding."
-- Roger Dean Kiser, (from Orphan - A true Story of Abandonment, Abuse and Redemption)

God bless,
Uncle Steve
Luke 18:1

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