Friday, January 20, 2012

The Good Samaritan, 2012

Every year, I have my students rewrite the parable of the Good Samaritan in their own words in ways that make sense in their own world. Here are some stories from my eighth graders. If you are an SEC football fan, you have to love Kaitlyn's!

While running on his way home, a barber fell and broke both of his legs. As he lay there unable to move, a doctor walks by, but saw the man had no medical insurance so he moved on. Then, one of the barber's regular customers walked by and thought to himself, "I'll keep walking, I won't need another haircut for awhile." Then, a man who was going naturally bald came over and helped the barber to the nearest hospital. -Ibe

Aubie, the Auburn University mascot, was walking to Toomers Corner to celebrate their BCS title, when he was knocked down by the Oregon Duck mascot. Aubie couldn't get up! The Auburn Tigers rode by in their bus, but only laughed at how ridiculous he looked. Then, Coach Gene Chizik walked past Aubie, only giving him a high-five, not realizing he was injured. Then, a die-hard University of Alabama fan walks past him, but Aubie knows for a fact Alabama and Auburn could never help each other. Just as that very thought is running through Aubie's mind, the Alabama fan turns around and runs to give him a hand. At this point, Aubie is shocked! The Alabama fan then asks Aubie if he would like a ride to Toomers Corner, and that night Auburn and Alabama celebrated together. -Kaitlyn

Peter was cruising through the desert in Nevada, on his way to Las Vegas for his brother's wedding, jamming to some hardcore music, not even noticing his gas gauge was on "E" (that's for empty). Suddenly his car started to slow, finally realizing he ran out of gas. Peter was unaware that this part of the desert was known for famous groups of bandits robbing people that pass through. Sitting there, Peter reached for his phone, but saw he had no service. He didn't know what to do. At that very moment some guys jumped out of the bushes and took everything he owned; his wallet, stereo, comb, and quickly pushed his car away into the desert. Leaving him there with a broken leg, black eye, and blood everywhere, Peter thought he was going to die from the searing heat of the sun. All of a sudden, Chris Tomlin's tour bus pulled beside him. Chris slowed but kept driving, not caring at all that poor Peter was injured. Another car came passing through soon after with Peter's pastor at the wheel, probably on the way to the wedding. He looked at the beaten young man, then at his watch and decided to keep on his way, slowly blurring out of Peter's view. Finally, a ragged, homeless-looking man stopped, set Peter is his basket on the back of the bike and took him to the nearest hospital. Once they got there, the homeless man took out the small amount of money he earned over the past few years and gave it to the hospital for Peter's care. Peter was ever-so grateful to the man who saved his life. -Cory

A man walked down a bad road, and was robbed and beaten. He was small so he couldn't defend himself very well. A police man drove by looking at the small man on the ground, but drove off eating his doughnut because he didn't want to be late to work. An ambulance drove by the man, but decided to keep going because it was already too crowded with paramedics. After that, an ex-gang member walked by and wept because he knows this is what he used to do to other people. After he wept, the ex-gang member picked the small man up and took him to his one bedroom apartment. He gave him his bed and slept on the stone slabs he had there. The next day he helped him until he got well, and dropped him off without asking for any thanks. -Travis

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Luke 18:1
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