Monday, August 29, 2011

The Good Father Part 2

This is the second installment based on my students' concept of a good father. We have talked about God choosing Joseph carefully to be the earthly faher of Jesus and I want these youngsters to formulate what kind of man they believe he would be. All these are used with permission. The thoughts of boys are in blue and the girls are in purple.

A good father is one who cares about his children. He tells them that he loves them only if he really does. He doesn't say he loves his children just to make himself look good or look like he cares. A good father is one who wants to do things like take the children to a movie or a ball game and not leave it all up to the mother. Some people don't have a father, only a mother, causing the mother to have to do all sorts of things for the kids, which causes stress on her. A good father steps up to things he should do as a father, no matter what. A good father admits that he is wrong and doesn't act like a little kid. A good father takes care of himself  in areas like his hygiene or employment in order to set an example for his kids. A good father is a man who wants to be active in the lives of his kids. -Chris D.

Being a father is more than just being there in a physical realm. Anybody can be a dad, but it takes a special man to be a father. Being a father is being there in the emotional and mental realm. It's about loving me in spite of the situation. You may not agree with what I did, but that shouldn't take your love away. Kids love their parents no matter what; therefore, fathers should, too. I wish that someday, every man would be an outstanding FATHER! -Hadiya B

A good father should be someone who has time for you and always the first person to go to if there is a problem. A good father should be someone who listens well and can be strict with you so that you learn how to act. A good father should love you no matter what you do; he may get mad, but will love you always. A good father should care about you, but not suffocate you like mothers sometimes do. You should be able to have fun, but not be over-protected. -Matthew H

There are many qualities that make a good father, but the question is, what makes a man a great father? So many of us have to ponder this question, but I won't have to. I'll know. I want a dad who stays true and won't judge me based on my thoughts, opinions, and actions. A great dad does not come around very often. A great dad is caring and trusting. He cares about all his kids, no matter the gender, the age, the race, or the personality. One essential aspect that makes a great father is being a Christian. It doesn't matter if he's weird or crazy or goofy. If he loves you, he will say it over and over again. That is not something to be taken lightly. A great dad is one who is everything but are there any dads like that? Maybe it's not our dads who need to change. Maybe it is our relationships that should change in the level of openness and intimacy with our fathers. Dads can never be replaced. I've lost someone in my family who was like another dad to me and when I think of  people who hate their father, I shudder. I LOVE MY DAD!- Lindsay M

A good father is a man who is wise and intelligent but he is also more than willing to share himself and inspire his children. He thinks positively and is strong but also can be patient, loving, and caring toward his family. He puts God first and family second and does not regret having a family! Most importantly, he will listen and understand that he can always be a better father. Hopefully, I can be a great father someday even though I have a busy 'bucket list' of changing the world and inspiring others. Having a family and being a role model for my kids is definitely on my list!- MJ N.

A good father would be a strong and loyal man. He has to be gentle and know how to comfort his family when needed. I would NEVER marry a guy or put him around my children if he has a bad temper! He must be patient and understanding and compassionate as well. He should have a sensitive side and not be tough all the time. Yes, women want a strong man but not a man with a heart of stone. All I want is someone to love me and care for me.-
Sarah G.

God bless,
Luke 18:1

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