Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bitter, Sweet Reminder (Kelvin Brown)

I should be landing in Vietnam shortly so keep me in your prayers! Tonight's entry was written by a good friend and Christian brother, Kelvin Brown. Kelvin is our Assistant Principal for our WCS Upper School and does an excellent job. I know you'll enjoy this story of an interaction with his oldest son.

I had an interesting experience with my eleven year old son today.

As a typical American family of four, he and I don't get many occasions to ride alone together. Today our family was headed to dinner with a long time family friend, who was visiting from out of town. Because she would be leaving directly from the restaurant, she would drive her vehicle while I drove one of ours. As everyone began to decide which vehicle they would ride in, I was excited to hear my oldest say, "I'm riding with dad!"  I thought great, we'll have one of those rare and exclusive "father and son" moments.

Now, I believe my son and I have a really good relationship; I mean, for as much as an eleven year old would have with his father. We talk about all sorts of things, and I really appreciate that he'll ask me questions about things and share things that I would think might embarrass others.

Sure enough, only a few minutes into our ride, the conversation and questions began. But unfortunately, I now can't even recall the second question he asked because half way into my answer, I looked back and he was sound asleep!  Initially, I'm offended, thinking wow!, I've really bored him that much. But I quickly cut him some slack and smiled, remembering that he'd had a long week in basketball camp and other summer activities. The experience also reminded me of a time when I, in the midst of life's busy activities, had climbed in bed to pray to our Heavenly Father and fallen asleep. That event forever changed the way I pray.

I find it interesting how God uses life experiences with our kids to reflect our relationship with him.

During this instance with my son, I was relating to how God must feel when he creates exclusive moments for us to spend with him and we are either so distracted that we're never really engaged in the conversation or we simply fall asleep. Instead of the great conversation I thought I would have with my son, God left me with an excellent reminder, a smile and a greater appreciation for the love, grace and patience he shows as our father.

Applicable quote for the day:
The Golden Rule; do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

God bless,

Luke 18:1
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