Thursday, April 14, 2011


Yesterday morning, my student teacher aide, Betsy Kelly, committed to play field hockey for Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas. Betsy's road to college athletics is an interesting one. Since WCS has no field hockey program, Betsy played with the young ladies from Lamar High School, a large public school in Houston. A goalkeeper, Betsy becomes the first Westbury Christian alumni to play field hockey collegiately. She also has represented our school interscholastically, both swimming and playing soccer for the Wildcats where she also played in the goal. Betsy will be an art major at Hendrix, considered one of the best academic institutions in the South. On a personal level, I will miss Betsy who is by far my most creative aide ever and a young lady who I greatly rely on. Betsy is pictured above with her father, Thomas, and her Lamar coach. What you cannot see is her thirty-plus WCS classmates who shared the moment with her. All I can say is that as of today, I'm a big Hendrix Warrior fan. Betsy is now in the big leagues.

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*To read a more in depth look at the wonderful Betsy, please read my entry entitled Ain't No Sunshine by clicking on the link below:


Sincerely from the Typing fingers of Hanna McAdams said...

Awesome! My childhood neighbor went there and graduated a couple of years ago.

Warren Baldwin said...

Congratulations, Betsy! That is a great accomplishment. I'll have two daughters in college just up the road from you in Searcy.

Steve, great interview/article about you in the Christian Chronicle. I enjoyed reading it a lot. Congratulations on receiving such a prestigous award.

SweetMother ;) said...

That is awesome!! My son is at Harding University in Searcy, AR! You'll practically be neighbors! :) Congratulations!!

T.J. said...

Congratulations to her! What an exciting time in her life and by the look on her face she is happily ready to take on the world :)

My way said...


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Katie Rice said...
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Katie Rice said...

We're so excited to have you at Hendrix, Betsy! And Mr. Kelly, that shirt is a perfect shade of Hendrix orange. Good find!

Marisa said...

She is going to join the great James Ewing at that fine institution! Congrats to Betsy!