Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lend To Them....

There was a touching news story last week about the baseball coach at Wake Forest donating his kidney to one of his players. I asked my students if they believed it mattered that the young man was a good player; most did not think that factored into his decision. We then made an application to the teachings of Jesus about our enemies, specifically the four things Jesus taught to do for them: love them, pray for them, do good to them, lend to them without expecting to receive anything in return. I then assigned a short essay, asking them if Jesus would expect us to give a kidney to an enemy if we were a match or if this were taking the teaching too far. Here are some of the responses with boys in blue and girls in purple. Tomorrow, we will look at some much different opinions.
"It would be a very difficult decision for me. While thinking about it, I may remember the bullying or hateful actions he gave to me. However, based on what Jesus said, I would probably give one of my kidneys to them. If they absolutely need it, and if I have two perfectly healthy kidneys, I might as well. If they are young, it will give them hope of a good future with the Lord. It may also change the person. They may still dislike me, but the compassion I showed them may rub off on others. I would give a kidney." Jacob 8th grade

"Jesus said that we need to be good to our enemy. So if I had an enemy that needed a kidney, I know I would feel that I need to give a kidney to them. They may not be kind to me but if God shows them kindness through me, their heart may go to God and find the truth in their hate. If I needed a kidney and the only match was a murderer, I would think hard about the fact that the kidney was there when he killed, that it saw the death of innocent people." Katherine 8th grade

"Honestly, if someone asked me this question without including Jesus, I would say no. I know its bad, but I'm not a hateful person. If I hate a person in the first place, he wronged me in a big way. Once I include Jesus, though, I definitely would. If Jesus can die for me and the rest of the world, I can give a kidney to my enemy. I might do it reluctantly but it's not an easy question. It might also depend on who they are, how old they are, and the circumstance causing us to be enemies. I am not sure my parents would allow it since they care for me so much." Lance 10th grade
"I think Jesus would want us to donate our kidney regardless if the person hated you or not. When Jesus died on the cross, He died for all people, whether they accept it or not. The Bible says that we should be perfect as Jesus was perfect and to be Christ-like. As Christians, we should make that kind of sacrifice because Jesus would do the same. We should love and pray for our enemies as we would want them to do for us. As typical humans, it would be a hard choice to make but as Christians, we should think about it and make that sacrifice."
Jalyn 10th grade
"This is one question I have never thought of. Honestly, yes, God would want us to give a kidney to anyone, whether or not they are our enemy, because it is the right thing to do. If you think about it, Jesus gave His life for all us, including the sinners of the world. We should do the same. He gave up way more than a kidney for those who did not even love Him back. It would be hard for me to give a kidney and risk my life for someone I dislike and who dislikes me, but I would do it because I represent Jesus." Giselle 10th gradeGod bless,
Luke 18:1

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Mrs. Miller said...

Wow, thanks for sharing this. Honestly. How awesome to hear their opinions and what a valid point. I mean would I give a kidney to an enemy? Or even just to someone that asked? I know it's easy to type, "sure I would", but the action would definitely take thought. Actions do speak louder than words. Again, thanks for this post!