Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lend To Them.... (Part 2)

This is part two on the subject of donating a kidney to an enemy and if Jesus' teaching to lend to your enemies without expecting anything in return would apply. We based our thought on the Wake Forest baseball coach who donated a kidney to one of his players. Girls' responses are in purple and boys' are in blue.

"My mom always told me to be the bigger person. I try to stay away from confrontations/ problems. Many girls get mad at me for no reason. When I first started writing, I was strongly towards saying no, but my mother would be proud of me and it's not just to help someone. It's about accepting someone in a time of need and showing that even though we dislike each other, I'm there for you. It would be a feeling of accomplishment in many ways. I would feel like a better person and maybe, just maybe, we could connect in a way that we could become friends also, because I am now a part of her!" Julia 10th grade

"Yes, Jesus would want you to give what you can. I personally would not give my kidney to someone who does not represent who or what I am. For instance, what will they do with the new life? As my enemy, I do not have their respect. My enemies are in the military sense, someone who wants to reign death and destruction on what I love and stand for. Then, no, I will not donate. Enemies who were once friends on the other hand are a different matter entirely. I would give them my kidney in hopes that nurtured respect is restored. After all, I know that I am headed someplace better, and this body is not my own." Ian 12th grade

"Yes, I think we should donate a kidney to our enemies because that is the right thing to do. You can never take Jesus' teachings too far if it is for the good of someone elses life. Life is too short to have enemies so you want to make sure you are being kind to everyone. I think we should lend anything that someone needs and we have because this will reward you eternal life. The life here on this earth is not guaranteed so every day you should make sure you have accomplished what you have started. Our bodies are all different. I believe God gave us specific DNA codes to help someone who needs something you have. Sometimes this could be a life or death situation; it is never too far to lend something to someone who hates you. You never know what can solve problems between enemies." Taylor grade 8

"Yes, Jesus would want us to donate our kidneys if we matched one of our enemies. There is no better way to do good to your enemy than to give them something that will save them. That would be the best way to make a friend out of an enemy. However, this is only in the extreme "It's a matter of life or death kidney donation" case. If it were a much smaller matter, such as lending an enemy a small amount of money, I probably wouldn't trust them with it. But if was something that could not be bought, sold, returned, or given back, I would probably lend it to them. Maybe it would make them think twice about how they feel about me." Richard

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Luke 18:1
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Belle said...

My daughter is donating a kidney to a person she doesn't like very much. She is doing it to save his life. He has two small children and his wife is a family member. I am proud of her for making this sacrifice.