Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Blessings For The Children

Here is another installment of bedtime blessings written from my 8th grade students to their distant unborn child. These are based on The Blessing Of Aaron, found in Numbers 6:24-26.

"My little man, God will always, always, guide you in the right direction. I know there might be times where you feel I am tough on you but I want you to know your mother and I love you. We pray that one day the love and compassion we give to you will be taken in and that you will make good with it. I want you to know that you can always call on me no matter what time of day and no matter how wrong you were or how much trouble you may have gotten into; I will always have your back. I love you, son, now and forever. Now go out into this tough world and make daddy proud." Chege

"My dear son, I pray that you will be a wonderful young man in the future. You should know that your father and I will always be there for you no matter what situation you are in. I also pray that your faith in God will be stronger than my faith. I am your mother and I will always love you even if you make the worst choices in your life. When you marry and have kids, I want you to bless them just the way I blessed you. Just know again that I love you and you can talk to me anytime. Love, Mom." Ruby

"My child, you are the heir to mu throne. God has blessed me with you. If you ever feel down, just come to me and I will comfort you. I will always be there for you even if I'm away- I will be in your heart. Tonight I am tucking you in, waiting for my chance to see you in the morning. If you have a bad dream and wake up, just say your prayers. You will be a good, mannerly child, obedient and well-trained. Sweet dreams, Prince Miller; keep the name proud . Love, King Miller." Kennedy

"My beautiful daughter, I pray that you never give up on your dreams in life and always know that no matter what choices you make, you're not alone. I love you more than you can imagine and I will only love you more. You have a purpose in this world and wherever you go, you shine. You mean so much to me! I will always be here when you grow older, by your side. I pray that wherever you go you always have a hand in your heart and a smile on your face. Make the most of every day as if it is a blessing. ILYMBTTS." Taylor E.

"My sweet child, I hope that you make every good choice you can and don't ever make the naive choices that I did. Always tell the truth and always know that you can come to me whenever you do something bad, and know that I have probably done the same. I will always love you no matter what you do. Remember to do your best in all you do and never say never. I will tell you this one time; never give up on your dreams. Love, Dad." Bryce

"My angel, my light, my gift from God. I LOVE you so much beyond what words can describe. I wish the best for you and your future and hope you follow the right paths. You are a gift from God to your father and me and you will be treated in that manner, gazed upon and cherished, something dear to our hearts. As you grow, mommy and daddy and grampa and grammy will always be praying for you! When you do wrong, don't feel like you can't come to us because we have messed up, too- we aren't perfect. No matter what, we will always love you. Love, Mommy." Taylor S.

God bless,
Luke 81:1
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