Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I've been home for a week now and starting to settle back into a routine, both at home and in school. Here is an e-mail I sent out midway through my time at the orphanage:

It's been an uneventful few days. I taught this morning about the Ethiopian and Phillip and tied it in to how Connie Radford, a lady from our congregation, changed my life. I have noticed since wearing flip flops that it is almost impossible to keep my feet clean here, especially with only a cold shower with minimal water pressure. Makes the story of Jesus and washing feet more relevant.

Here are a few more observations.
It's easier to just sit and think here; fewer distractions!
The children here are thin although they eat more than me. I think it is because they are active and they eat no dessert, only an occasional apple or piece of watermelon. Every meal is rice and noodles and vegetables in some combination. I also am the only one to drink anything with my meals!
It's amazing how many times I have been offered a cigarette here. We forget that smoking in public places is almost totally outlawed in the US. I guarantee it isn't here!
I saw something that broke my heart two nights ago. I was in the office when one of the girls who came from the other orphanage was called to the phone. While someone talked on the other end, the fourteen year old sobbed uncontrollably. After she left, I asked the Aunt who was there what it was about. The girl's parents are both dead and when they were brought here, she was moved far away from her grandparents. It will be very difficult for her to see them and she was grieving. It was almost unbearable to watch.
I mentioned Lo Bow in my last update, a nine year old boy who reminds me of a child with autism. He has taken to knocking on my door to get me to play with him. He has a fascination with my Mennen Speed Stick Antiperspirant. It is like a wonderful toy to him. He wants me to put it on his arms and then he coats my arms with it. I'm trying to teach him to play ping pong and it is not going well. He does get excited when the paddle makes any contact with the ball...and I have to chase it! The picture attached is Lo Bow and me.
This morning, I tried to teach some of the boys how to play a shooting game called Team Competitive. Something must have gotten lost in Lavender's translation because it was not smooth but the kids had fun. Thanks for your e-mails! I love getting them but it is hard because of time answering each so please forgive me!
God bless,
Luke 18:1

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