Friday, August 27, 2010

In Conclusion...

This is the last post about my China trip for awhile. It takes time to process events like this in your life and since I went immediately back to school, I am still working through it all. Thanks for listening/reading! Here now are my final observations about life in the orphanage.

1. Chinese people don't greet each other on the road like we do in the US. Lavender commented about how I say HI to everyone, even if they do not speak English. It's a way of life in Nebraska where I grew up.
2. The Chinese people I have met tend to be self-critical and self-effacing.
3. Could I live in rural China?
4. I need to try again to learn Mandarin.
5. Time has little meaning here.
6. Could these kids make it with help?
7. I should have brought a flashlight.
8. I feel like my feet are always dirty.
9. Something is always lost in translation.
10. Bring pool shoes and not socks to wear.
11. Always have a physical demonstration when teaching a lesson.
12. When you start thinking about home, it's time to go home.
13. Having a laptop is vital; keeping it clean is difficult.
14. Lavender (my Chinese translator) thinks it would be much more difficult for women to live here than for men.
15. Culture plays a major role in worship.
16. I need to read more about China.
17. Pray about next summer every day.
18. You cannot take too many pictures so bring an extra memory card.
19. Women here are very protective of their skin. They often carry umbrellas in the sunshine.
20. I saw this T-shirt on a little girl in the Newark airport:
''Angel + Princess =ME''

God bless,
Luke 18:1

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Sherry Ann said...

My flatmate right now is a Hongkee Canadian, a lovely lady named Hannah. She worked in Shanghai and Beijing for four years and relocated here in Singapore recently. She loves China and the people and wished to come back, Lord willing. I always remember you everytime we do our devotional. I'll pray for your next summer too.