Thursday, August 26, 2010

As I Was Saying.. (More Observations)

Last night, I posted twenty-five or so thoughts I wrote down while in China working at the orphanage. Some are spiritually based and some culturally based. Tonight, I continue the list.

1. The kids at the orphanage are good at sharing.
2. I cannot tell if people are arguing simply by their tone of voice like I can in Spanish.
3. We can form new routines very quickly.
4. The ability to speak English is treasured here.
5. If we were smarter, we would have our kids learn Mandarin.
6. Be a learner first. Wait until asked to share your views.
7. Urban China and rural China are two different worlds.
8. This may seem obvious but it is easier working with translators who have lived in the US, simply for knowledge of idioms and figures of speech.
9. How did missionaries make it before instant communication?
10. The kids in the orphanage fight like brothers and sisters. Some of them are brothers and sisters.
11. Some of the older girls act as mothers to the younger kids.
12. If I had a million dollars to spend here, where I would start? In spite of physical improvements that are glaring, the most important thing, in my very limited perspective, is good adults, volunteers and employees, who will stay for extended periods.
13. All the kids want to travel and none of them have. I have met very few people in China with passports.
14. An American Christian fluent in Chinese can have a huge impact.
15. Heat saps energy more than anything else.
16. Nobody drinks when they eat except me.
17. To be more effective, I need to get better on the computer and camera.
18. Begin a list of things to use to teach the kids here: CDs, DVDs, coloring books, movies with subtitles, etc.
19. Bring Chinese-English dictionaries.
20. Having my own translator is a huge advantage!
21. Bring a roll of duct tape.
22. When they ask me Bible questions, I think they view me as a commentary on the Scriptures. No pressure!
23. Poverty does not erase beauty. It maybe enhances it because it does not come from makeup/expensive clothes or haircuts/perfect teeth, etc.

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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