Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Here's Looking At You: The Benediction

Three weeks ago, I posted a number of writings penned by my students. The assignment came after memorizing James 1:22-24. I asked them to complete the statement, 'When I look in the mirror, I see....' This last set is from my class of seniors. All were used by permission and are very honest and introspective. Last Friday evening, these youngsters left high school and entered the real world. The boys are in blue ink and the girls in purple.

''When I look in the mirror, I see a young man with so much potential but afraid to push past his limits. I see a young man who wants to be a leader but doesn't know how. I see a young man on the inside who is spiritually lost. He seems to have it together but behind the scenes, he is struggling to hold it together. He has accomplished things others can only imagine. He wants to show his faith but is not exactly sure how because of the generation he belongs to. I see a young man whose family loves him as much as possible but he doesn't let them know he loves them as much as he should. When I look in the mirror, I see a young man who, though he has messed up, can change the world when he puts his mind to it.''

''When I look in the mirror, I see a girl who has a good heart. I also see a girl who does not have enough confidence in the things she does or the people she loves the most. I see a girl who is scared to get hurt by people who say they love her. I see a girl with many faults and regrets. Although she's beautiful on the outside, the inside is not quite the same. I see a girl who has hurt the people who love her the most. BUT, I also see a young lady who has grown and come closer to God! Sometimes, she wishes she could do things differently but everything happens for a reason. I see a growing person who is changing for the better!"

"When I look in the mirror, I see a young man with a hearing impairment; a kind, helpful, brave, and smart person. I see a person who is not good looking and who gets made fun of because of his disability but he does not mind. I see someone with a strong heart and body who will protect any girl in danger. I see a young man who has suffered alot in life beginning with being born at less than two pounds. I see a young man who really likes girls but something is holding him back; maybe it's from not trying hard enough. I see someone who wishes to help others.''

''When I look in the mirror, I see the young woman who raised me; I am the spitting image of her. I see a young woman unhappy with her weight, a girl who needs more discipline. I see a girl about to graduate, nervous about starting college and being away from her parents. I see a flawed girl with scars from the past. I see a young girl who wants success that exceeds that of her parents. I see an undisciplined athlete. I see a girl who is afraid of losing her grandparents before her own children have the chance to know them. I see a girl who wants the best for herself and her baby sister. I see me, the true beauty that I desire others to see. I see life, sadness at times, confusion, and contentment. I see a success in the making.''

''When I look in the mirror, I see someone growing and walking in the footsteps of a man. I see a handsome young man with so much ability but being sidetracked by worldly things. I see a young man trying to learn and better himself. He knows he has made mistakes but he will not let them affect his future. I see a young man chasing dreams and doing big things, giving glory to God. I see a young man blessed with talents he is not afraid to use. But at times, I see a scared young man, afraid of what's to come and not knowing. But I won't let fear keep me from becoming the young man God will allow me to become.''

''When I look in the mirror, I see a girl who has had to deal with alot in the past few years. I see a girl who has made mistakes but who has overcome them and has been able to take the consequences. I see a girl who looks young physically but who is strong and mature inside. The reflection I see in the mirror shows a smart girl who needs to apply herself to show people she can do what she tells them she can do. She knows she has made some very bad choices which she thinks about everyday. Thinking of them every day is helping her to make better ones. I see a girl who has experienced more than most kids her age but the experiences have helped her grow. I see a girl with lots of friends but she only lets a few know things about her.''

God bless,
Luke 18:1

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I ddon't much care for looking in the mirror these days,
But I understand what you were saying.
Very interesting.