Friday, January 29, 2010

The Good Samaritan, 2010

We have spent some time looking at the story of the Good Samaritan in my classes recently. One in-class assignment I always give is the rewriting of one of the most famous parables of the Savior. Here is a sampling of my students' work.
One day, a youngster was walking home from basketball practice. It was late and he was extremely tired, almost falling asleep. As he was walking, he was attacked by a ferocious pit bull that left him almost dead. After the dog had ran off, a police officer was patrolling the alley and saw the little boy. The policeman turned the other way and walked off, trying to stay out of controversy. A little while later, an ex-convict who was walking the streets hoping to find a help wanted sign so he could get a job, sees the boy and immediately calls 911 for an ambulance. He is the only person there while the boy was in the hospital.
Chase K. (10th grade)
One day, there was an unpopular girl walking down the stairs at school. All of a sudden, the head cheerleader, a.k.a. Miss Popular, shoved her and the unpopular girl fell down the stairs. Her books flew everywhere, and her ankle twisted. The cheerleading squad laughed, took pictures, and walked away. A teacher came by and said to her, "Get to class, young lady!" and walked away. The girl slowly started gathering her books, but then the school's most popular guy saw her and took her to the school nurse and then home. He also apologized for his girlfriend's actions. The boy later broke up with the mean cheerleader and became best friends with the girl who had no friends.
Emma H. (10th grade)
One day, a boy was hitting off of a tee in the his driveway to practice for his upcoming baseball tryouts. The boy was terrible. There was no way that he would make the team and he knew it. Alex Rodriguez walked by and stopped to watch the boy. He decided that watching the boy any longer might make him a worse baseball player himself, so he left without a second thought. Next, Johnny Damon passed by. He deemed the boy to be a lost cause, someone who had no hope whatsoever of making his small high school team, let alone becoming as great as him. He left the boy on the driveway to his hitting. Next, Josh Hamilton passed by. He saw that the boy was determined and driven, so he decided to help him out with his swing. The boy befriended by Josh Hamilton went on to receive further coaching from him. He made his high school team, started for the varsity, and went on to play college baseball.
Keegan S. (11th grade)
An American soldier in Afghanistan was walking back to base when he was ambushed and robbed. As he was lying there, other people stole his things. First to walk by was a group of soldiers; they all laughed and said he should have gone with a partner, not by himself, and they left. Next to come by was a general; he laughed and walked off shaking his head, thinking about how weak the soldier was. Finally, another man passed by who was leaving camp. He had been suspected of being part of the terrorists but after trial, was proven innocent. He stopped and looked at the soldier, and bent down to check his pulse. After he was sure the soldier was alive, he picked him up and took him back to the base. However, instead of leaving when the guy was put into the camp's hospital, he stayed until the soldier became conscious again.
Sira N. (8th grade)
God bless,
Luke 18:1
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