Thursday, December 03, 2009

Beatitudes: 2009- Male Perspective

Tonight we continue with my students' updated sersions of the Beatitudes. These are from some of the young men in my classes. I hope you enjoy them!

"Blessed are the deformed, for they are God's masterpiece in heaven."
Jason, grade 8

"Blessed are those who are weak, for God is their personal trainer."
James, grade 8

"Blessed are the naughty, for Santa won't exist in heaven."
Tobi, grade 8

"Blessed are the wrinkled, for they will be handsome in glory."
Elliot, grade 8

"Blessed are the sinners, for they will be accepted in heaven."
Kyle, grade 8

"Blessed are the unnoticed, for in heaven God will call you by your own name."
Walt, grade 8

"Blessed are the tall, for they are close to heaven."
Hasani, grade 11

"Blessed are the accident prone, for there is no danger in heaven."
John, grade 10

"Blessed are those who got a D for their grade, for there will be no school in heaven."
Isarath, grade 11

"Blessed are those who are reborn, for their lives are saved."
Jonathan, grade 10

"Blessed are those who struggle to survive, for they shall live comfortably in God's kingdom."
Ryan, grade 10

"Blessed are the un-artistic, for God will paint their lives with gold."
Remington, grade 10

"Blessed are the short, for in heaven they will look over others."
David, grade 8

"Blessed are those who don't think they are beautiful, for God thinks you are the apple of His eye."
M. J., grade 8

"Blessed are the dead, for they will have a new life in heaven."
Deondre', grade 8

"Blessed are those who fish because there are probably tons of lakes in heaven."
Trey, grade 8

"Blessed are the unwanted, for they will be cherished by the Lord."
Tyler, grade 10

"Blessed are the depressed, for the light of the Lord will brighten their life."
Mike, grade 11

"Blessed are the shy, for they will be confident in heaven."
Harris, grade 11

God bless,
Luke 18:1

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