Friday, October 02, 2009

He Must......

Last night, I re-ran an entry about a fairy tale movie and a little girl who is thinking in real-world terms in The Princess Bride And MookDa's List. After having my students read the devotional piece, I had all one hundred twenty make a list of at least five He Musts and She Musts. Today, we look at what some of the girls penned. Tomorrow, the boys will have their turn.

He must love children and animals
He must respect women, children and elders
He must understand my Korean culture
He must have brothers or sisters
He must love to volunteer for community service
He must love watching old movies with me
Juhee, grade 11

He must have Christian values
He must be nice to his parents
He must be attractive
He must be loyal
He must have some kind of college degree
He must be supportive in ALL WAYS
He must be willing to have fun
He must be able to put up with my family
Miriam, grade 10

He must always think of our families
He must be older and taller than me
He must be attractive
He must be intelligent
He must be a Christian
He must also love music
He must be appreciated by my parents
He must be African like me: my parents won't accept anyone who is not
He must have some education, at least college
He must always be there for me
He must be a good listener
He must absolutely be independent
Vanessa, grade 12

He must be older
He must be stronger
He must be taller
He must have straight white teeth
He must be approved by my family
He must always be in shape
He must always hold me and kiss me
He must always have manners
He must always bring me flowers
Haley, grade 10

He must provide for the family:I can't do it all by myself
He must know and love God
He must take care of himself: body, hair, etc
He must graduate from high school
He must be out of his mom's house a little after college
Courtney W, grade 8

He must be a Christian
He must love his parents and be nice to them
He must be approved by my parents
He must have a good paying job
He must have a college degree
He must have patience
He must have self-confidence
He must realize we are married and love me and only me
He must go to church and love it
He must have physical attractiveness
Cameron, grade 8

He must be trustworthy
He must be my best friend before he's my husband
He must support me in dance
He must make me laugh
He must love my weirdness
Jasmine, grade 11

He must love me and accept everything I like to do
He must like Chinese culture and speak Chinese
He must be hard working and know how to make money
He must love children and love his/my parents
He must be attractive
He must know how to enjoy life
He must be healthy
He must be kind
He must have many friends
Ying, grade 12

Applicable quote of the day:
"I think men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage. They've experienced pain and bought jewelry."
Rita Rudner

God bless,
Luke 18:1

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