Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sons And Fathers

Here are thoughts by some of my senior boys on their perception on fathers' role in the lives of their children. I think these young men showed great maturity and I think you will agree. All were used with permission.
"An ideal father to me is someone who isn't perfect. Somebody who will just be real with you; a father who knows I will fall and he will let me fall, but he will be there to catch me. I can personally say that I have a good father. Even though he makes me mad from time to time, I still appreciate him and want to grow up with his attributes. I want to grow up and become the type of father that my son (or daughter) can come up and talk to me about anything. I am going to be a good father because of the one I have at home."

"The ideal father would be the one who stays with their child when the child is born. An ideal father is one that loves his child throughout the ups and downs of childhood. A father is firm with his son but still trains him up to be a man. The father loves the mother and son beyond human belief. A true father is not my father."

"I think an ideal father would be caring, protective, non abusive, and trustworthy. The father I would be is caring, trustworthy, intelligent, non abusive, nonviolent. The father would not get into arguments alot (which I hate) I try to get along with my dad. Even though I do most of the time, he is ALWAYS right."

"The ideal father to me is one who is responsible and takes responsibility for his actions. I think he should give his children leeway to have some fun, but only to a certain extent. My dad has qualities that I like and qualities that I really don't like. I'm sure that the qualities that I don't like are probably the ones that keep me from doing things that would get me in trouble. I'm sure I'll respect his "strictness" when I get older and I see what could have happened to me."

"I believe a good father is someone who takes care of what needs to be done. Someone who pays the bills, keeps a roof over their childrens' heads, and treats them well. Someone who will take off of work to spend father- son/daughter time with them. Someone who disciplines their children, but doesn't go over board where it becomes abuse. Someone who loves and cherishes their children. I believe a good father is someone who is a positive role model in your life."

"I think an ideal father would be a man willing to love their children. I believe that when I get older and have children that my number one goal is to just be there. This November I will turn 18, a legal adult, and I still haven't seen or spoken to my father- and at times it hurts. I love my mother and all that she has done for me, but I would have liked to have some kind of love from my father. One of my life goals is to be the best father that I can, and to give my son an example of a loving and God-fearing man, and for my daughter to see how a man treats his wife and how she should look the same. A father should also be able to provide and love his family."

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Luke 18:1
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