Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Proof

Since I wrote this entry eight years ago, I've purchased a new car. But, I still have the same insurance agent and the same insurance company and I am pleased with both. Praise the Lord, I've never had to make a claim! This is from July 28, 2009.

There are people who crisscross our lives a number of times. Randy King is one of those folks whose life has intersected mine repeatedly. We were students at Harding University together where I sat on the same chapel row with his lovely future wife, Diane Goodspeed. Randy has been chairman of the board of directors at Westbury Christian where I teach with Diane. His kids have all been in my classes and one, Katy, played basketball for me. On a more personal level, Randy was my brother Dave's roommate at Harding and we were the groomsmen in Dave and Sally's wedding. (We wore yellow and black tuxes and looked liked bumblebees!) There is one more key connection: Randy is my insurance agent. My Texas license plates expire this Saturday which means my car has to pass inspection. To have your car inspected, you must show proof of insurance. As I began looking for my insurance papers yesterday, I found they were misplaced. So, this morning, I visited Randy at his office and picked up the necessary forms for my inspection. Now, I just have to hope my Toyota is up to the emission standards and possessing no hidden flaws. This Corolla has always passed but like everything else, it's a year older. I'll find out tomorrow.

When I take my car to the Sticker Shop in the morning for the inspection, the first thing they'll request is proof of my insurance. How do you think they'd respond if I told them I didn't bring my insurance papers with me but they could trust me when I said I was covered? My overwhelming belief is that they'd laugh at me. I could tell them I live next door (which is true) or that they performed my inspection the last several years (also true) or that my brother's college roommate sold me the policy, a fact we've established already. None of those points matter to them- they want evidence. Isn't that how we are at times spiritually? We proclaim to the world our religion but the world demands evidence. I can tell others I'm a Christian but they need to see it for themselves. In the second chapter of his book, James writes that his faith is outwardly visible in the manner he lives his life. Jesus told his men that there would be outward evidence of their affiliation with him for the world to see. "By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." (John 13:35) Do you think all men know we are the disciples of the Savior? I can tell them I go to church and read the Bible or I can wear a cross around my neck but that carries little weight with seekers. They want to see the proof of Jesus in me. It could be the state of Texas has a good idea. Maybe for a sense of renewal, Christians could get inspected every year, too. I'm due- my sticker is nearly outdated. Hopefully, I wouldn't be blinsided by sticker shock!

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Luke 18:1
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