Sunday, December 01, 2013

Mixed Signals

Several months ago, I bought a new remote for my television. After three or four failed attempts to program it, the remote sits on my desk unused and I have to walk up and manually change channels. At least I still can watch TV. It wasn't always the case as you'll see in this entry from June 14, 2009.

They disappeared. When I turned on my television Friday morning, CBS, NBC, ABC, ....vanished! I knew it was coming; we all knew it was coming. The government has been reminding us for well over a year that the signals transmitted by television networks would be changed to digital and there were limited options. My television is one we bought for Mom and Dad close to ten years ago; I inherited it when Dad passed away. I sort of investigated getting one of those converter boxes but decided I might as well invest in a newer model. Four weeks ago, I purchased a 19" Emerson flat screen for about $150 which I think is a pretty good deal. But, when I got ready to hook it up, I discovered I would need a Phillip's screw driver to attach the set to a small stand with three screws. I don't have a Phillip's screw driver and I still don't. I meant to take care of it but I kept putting it off. The Friday, June 12 deadline passed and now I sit in my living room, surviving my third day without television. It's eerily quiet in here!

I wish the television scenario was not emblematic of my life but it is, more than I care to admit. I'm content to be pretty close or almost there. I'm not alone; the FCC reported 800,000 calls to their hot line on Friday! We know something is around the corner or creeping up and we are content to let it creep. You know, I'm close but.... Jesus told a teacher of the law that he was not far from the kingdom of heaven...but he wasn't there. Jesus told a man we call the rich young ruler that he only lacked one thing to gain eternal life. That man went away sadly; he was so close to heaven but he could not make himself finish the deal. Who would stop that close? I can't believe that guy! Oh, and can I borrow your screw driver?

Applicable quote of the day:
"Imagine what it would be like if TV actually were good. It would be the end of everything we know."
Marvin Minsky

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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Laura Beth said...

Coach Hawley, you make me laugh! I didn't know anyone could survive in life without a Phillips screwdriver! I use ours at least once or twice a month . . . usually to put together toys (my department, not Chad's :) or put batteries in something around the house. I'm not really surprised, though. You probably used to have one, you just lost it! Thank you for praying for Carolina - she seems to be doing much better! It was quite scary last week. . .

Sherry Ann said...

Coach, im a single lady but i keep a tool box wherever i go! (i meant, i move apartments and all) You're a funny guy! Hope you'll fix the tv soon.