Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Quiz

Below is a quiz my sophomores took over this reading in Luke on Tuesday. See how you fare! The answers are below. There will be a follow-up story tomorrow.

Bible 10
Luke 9:1-17
NAME _____________________

1. Which did Jesus give the Twelve the power to do? _____a. preach the kingdom of God
b. drive out demons
c. heal the sick
d. all the above
2. How much money were they to take? _________________
3. They were supposed to move around from house to house. TRUE-FALSE
4. What should they do if not welcomed in a town? _______

a. curse the town
b. shake the dust off their feet
c. pray for the town
d. destroy the town
5. What was Herod’s reaction when he heard about Jesus? ______
a. angry b. sad c. perplexed d. jealous
6. People were saying Jesus might be: _______
a. Jeremiah b. John the Baptist c. Moses d. all the above
7. Herod wanted to see Jesus. TRUE-FALSE
8. When the apostles returned, Jesus took them to a town called: ______

a. Nazareth b. Bethlehem c. Capernaum d. Bethsaida
9. Jesus was angry at the crowd for following him. TRUE-FALSE
10. Who suggested sending the crowd away? _______
a. the Twelve b. Jesus c. Herod d. Pilate
11. How many loaves did they have? _______
12. How many fish? _____
13. How many men were present? _______
14. Jesus had the crowd sit in groups of about ________ each.
15. Jesus gave thanks before he broke the bread and fish. TRUE-FALSE
16. How many baskets of leftovers were picked up? _______

KEY: 1. d. 2. none 3. FALSE 4. b 5. c 6. b 7. TRUE 8. d 9. FALSE
10. a 11. five 12. two 13. five thousand 14. fifty 15. TRUE 16. twelve

God bless,

Luke 18:1
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astrosfreak09 said...

Coach, I got another 100, I gotta say, I'm quite proud!
We'll see what I get on the test tomorrow!
I'll see you in class, Coach :]
God Bless
Downtown Brown