Friday, November 14, 2008

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Verse 4

This is the final installment of my sophomore girls answering the question, "How do you want to be treated by a young man?" You can tell, each has her own unique perspective!

"Of course, I want to be treated with respect but I want to create my ideals of respect and not have them forced upon me. If I make mistakes and get upset over them, they are mine, and I will learn. I think life leaves room for mess-ups and I don't think you can enjoy your life having no mistakes. I want a boy to love me for me, not for what my parents force me to be. I think a boy should meet my parents but that is all I ask. His ideals are his. If we will be married for like fifty years, I want personality, not driven-in morals or strict living. I want someone who lives life to the fullest and lives for the day."

" A man should respect me. If a guy doesn't treat me nicely, I won't go out with him again. He should open the door and pull out the chair, just like a traditional date. I know times have changed but being respected hasn't. It's just part of life. Disrespectful men don't get very far with women because girls get tired of guys not being respectful. God always wants men to be respectful towards women and the man that would go out with me should know that."

" I want to be honored and respected. The guy should want to do anything to make me happy. They shouldn't think about how it's going to affect them, or how it's going to make them look. Like Jennifer said, I want to be treated like a princess. There should also be a mutual feeling of adoration between the boy and girl"

" He'd want to be with me every second of the day to prove that he wants to be with me. I won't have to worry about him cheating on me because he would always be with me. He would make me believe in the impossible, by making me believe in myself, which is often impossible for a female. He'd always be able to make me happy and especially show that he loves me and will always be there. He would treat me like an angel no matter who we are around. He especially will love me for who I am on the inside and not on the outside. He will treat my heart like it is a beautiful vase. He will support me in everything I do and help me fulfill my dreams. He makes my dreams his first priority."

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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